Diary entries from 1982


I found my diary from 1982, and according to a note on the first page, dated 12-1-81, it was a gift from my Aunt Janie. I was 12.

The first entry I could find with Rick Springfield’s name is May 15, which had a note saying that I bought three magazines and listed the posters that came with it. Each one was rated one star for OK, two stars for super and three stars for wow.

Here they are in order and rating:

Rick Springfield: 3 stars

Scott Baio: 3 stars

John Schneider – 1 star

John Stamos – 3 stars

Chris Atkins – 1 star

Tony Geary – 1 star

Darryl Hall & John Oates – 1 star

The rest of the entry included a note that I gave my younger sister some posters and a pack of grape bubble gum. And that I babysat with my sister for a little girl named Brooke, who slept the whole time – we watched parts of “My Bodyguard” and “Caveman” and the whole “Oh G-d, Book II.”

Most of my entries were about the cute boys in school, which girls were mean and different places I went with my friends.

Other entries that mention Rick Springfield:

June 3: “Saw General Hospital. Rick Springfield was on a lot!”

June 12: “I got a Rick Springfield poster. 3 bucks but worth it (got it at Spencers).”

June 14: “There is a lump on my finger. My first thought was cancer. I hope not. I would be so scared, radiation and hair falling out. … I wish to meet Rick Springfield. Talk to ya tomorrow.”

Several pages have little notes scribbled on top: “Rick Springfield” (with a heart), “Rick Springfield is a babe.”

The July 4 entry lists things that I’m going to miss when I go to summer camp: I listed my sister; my parents; my dog; my cat; my goldfish; “Rick Springfield posters, radio, TV and certain friends.”

July 31: Laurie spent the night. “We made a Rick Springfield album and wrote to him.”

Aug. 1: ” Laurie left her Rick Springfield albums here so I could listen to them. ALL DAY I DID! I wish I could meet him! Last night was the 3rd dream I had of meeting him. If only dreams would come true!”

Aug. 6: “Happy birthday to me! Got Rick Springfield’s “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet” album from my parents, a mag with Rick and stationery from Brook’s mom and Brooke.”

Aug. 9: “Stayed home all day, danced all day, too, to Rick. Made dinner. Watch Little House. Not a very exciting day.”

Starting about now, I give little updates on each day’s episode of General Hospital and what Dr. Noah Drake did on the show that day. And the little scribbles of his name with hearts appear frequently. [Interjected note: It looks like the obsession is in full force about now.]


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