More diary entries from 1982

Here are more diary entries from 1982:

Aug. 21: “Rick Springfield’s last name is really Richard Lewis Springthorpe. … Rick Springfield was on ‘Entertainment Tonite.’ He’s not gonna act on ‘General Hospital’ anymore after his contract goes out.”

Aug. 22: “Rick Springfield was on MTV ‘Music Television.’ He used to and basically still is a shy person. Like me!”

Aug. 23: “Happy birthday, Rick Springfield! 33 years old. We’d be perfect for each other! Only 20 years older!!”

Aug. 24: “Day after Rick Springfield’s birthday. I missed ‘General Hospital’ but I got some shoes for bat [mitzvah]. I was mad tho, if it was she who liked GH so much, she would’ve hurried home. Got 9 posters of Rick now. Got 1 mag.”

Aug. 25: “Two days after Rick’s birthday. Met violinist for bat. So nice.”

The Aug. 27 entry included a synopsis of “General Hospital” and noted that Dr. Noah Drake was “on vacation,” but Rick Springfield was really on tour. The entry ends with “Rick Springfield thought he was ugly when he was in high school.”

Once school’s back in session, there are lots of entries about the different boys at my junior high school and Hebrew school, which girls were mean to which other ones, books I read and movies I saw and a recap of my bat mitzvah. It also started my eighth grade crush on a boy named Brad, who I rarely talked to but sometimes he waved. And according to the Oct. 2 entry, “I have 11 R.S. posters, 4 John Stamos. Also got Chris Atkins, Matt Dillion and one of some guy called Mark.” And later that month Sandy in my guitar class gives me more Rick Springfield posters and I see the “I’ve Done Everything For You” video on MTV. Yes, seeing the video was an actual diary entry. We never had cable at home so apparently it made quite an impression. On Oct. 18, it was official: “Me and Sandy E. made a deal. I give her my Van Halen stuff, she gives me Rick!”

My new obsession with Brad continues, to the point that I convince my best friend to walk the long way to school so I can walk past his cul-de-sac and maybe see him on the way to school. According to my diary, sometimes he even walked – and talked – with us. [No wonder I never dated in junior high…]

And then there’s this entry, on Nov. 7: “In a magazine, I read that Rick Springfield’s dog is Jewish and celebrates Chanukkah. That would be neato!”


Several entries also mention RS concerts that I watched on cable at friends’ houses. By Nov. 28, I had 21 RS posters… On Dec. 27, I was in Los Angeles visiting my cousins and bought “Wait Until Night” and “Beginnings” and the entry noted that I also had “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet” and “Working Class Dog.” “Only need ‘Comic Book Heroes,’ ” I wrote. Two days later: “Got ‘Comic Book Heroes’ in Century City. Now I have all the Rick Springfield albums! On the plane I sat next to and met this really nice lady named Darby from Paradise Valley. She’s a stewardess for TWA. If she gets Rick Springfield on a airplane, she’ll send me his autograph.”

At the end of the diary, there’s an entry from March 1985, when I’m in 10th grade: I gave updates about the different topics in the diary. In ninth grade, Brad and I had a class together and were friendly in the class.  I listed friends in the diary that I was still friends with and gave updates on the little girl I used to babysit a lot (by 1985, she had a little brother and her crazy basset hound recently had to be put to sleep).

“I still love Rick Springfield,” I wrote in the 1985 update. “Saw him in concert twice so far and have all 8 of his albums and am planning to get his new one pretty soon.”
“It was strange reading this 3 years later – sure brought back memories! (Am I getting old?) Well, bye!”

And now here I am, writing this blog post about 29 years later (and apparently, the infatuation remains.)

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