Next decade or so

After graduating high school, I moved to Long Beach, California, and although I’d continue to turn up the radio and sing along each time a Rick Springfield song came on (and same for Duran Duran, my other favorite teen musical connection) – I was busy with other things. Working while going to school, and during the next few years, I began exploring my heritage.

One summer I spent my summer in the Catskills in New York in a program designed to do just that. I also continued doing a lot of writing – in addition to journals, I had written “poems with melodies” through high school and beyond. (Except for one year where my creative writing teacher was so discouraging that I quit writing on my own time when I was taking his class). Despite taking piano, viola, violin and guitar through the years, I never excelled in any of them but I’d often sing my own songs in the car and around my house. I was inspired primarily by my three biggest music influences in high school – Rick Springfield, Duran Duran and The Beatles, all musicians who wrote their own songs and I spent a lot of time examining their lyrics. One of my earliest songs, though, “Echo Heart Echo,” was inspired by 1980s Madonna.

Anyway, when I headed out to New York, I gave all my albums to a friend of mine to hold onto when I was away. I kind of lost touch with her after I returned and never got them back. My treasured Rick Springfield, Duran Duran and Beatles albums were gone. But it wasn’t a priority at that time – I knew they were replaceable. I still have a “Rick Springfield’s Greatest Hits” CD so I guess at some point I felt I at least needed to have that in my possession.

I also got married during this time and, seven years later, we separated – nearly 10 weeks after I met Rick Springfield.

(These two things actually had nothing to do with each other but in retrospect, it’s kind of interesting.)

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