I’m not alone in my RS crush

As I rediscovered the inner RS crush that has been dormant for so long, I’m realizing I’m not alone. He really has some devoted fans out there. I’ve found several websites devoted to him, some with funny articles and some that shows extensive research (listing every concert in every city that he’s played, every album, every show, etc.)

Here are some I’ve found:

Rick Springfield and Us: Wow, just wow. What a great resource for RS fans!

WeLoveRickSpringfield.com: Another great site.

It all started here… Rick Springfield: Although the last blog post is from June 2013 (she said she had to move on because it ended up taking too much of her time), there’s a lot of fun stuff to read here.

On the above blog, there’s a link in the Sept. 8, 2011 entry that links to the writings of a RS fan who wrote hilarious stories about him. Marni O’Doherty was a 31-year-old RS fan who had posted a comment on a Yahoo! Rick Springfield board from her office in the World Trade Center on 9/11 moments before a plane crashed into the building. This story made it into Rick Springfield’s memoir. Reading her stories about meeting him, throwing him a thoughtful gift up on stage only to see it kicked under a keyboard, etc., it was sad to think that such someone who seemed like such a spirited, fun person was the victim of such a tragedy.

Then of course there are the Rick Springfield fan Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and the hundreds of likes or comments every time RS posts anything on FB.

RS fans seem like a good bunch. His birthday is coming up this week (yes, I admit that for the last three decades or so, whenever I hear the date Aug. 23, I think “That’s Rick Springfield’s birthday,” although I don’t usually say it out loud), his fans raise money for charity.

Not bad company to be in.

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