‘Magnificent Vibration’ from a fan’s point of view

“Magnificent Vibration’ is a fun read and the premise is an interesting one – what if you had a direct line to G-d? The story line certainly went into many different directions and since I recently read his memoir, “Late, Late at Night,” I wondered if perhaps some of those scenes were autobiographical.

Also, learning about his soul-searching quest in his memoir added another dimension to his novel, as if he were examining his personal beliefs as he was writing and taking the reader along on the journey. There were also some cool elements – such as switching to different fonts for the different story lines – and some laugh-out-loud moments. I especially like the inner dialogue of the main character – describing what he would have liked to say, as opposed to what he actually did say.


Many fans, I’m sure, will recognize certain aspects of the book that relate to Rick Springfield’s real life – such as the main character’s best friend being named Doug and his other best friend being a dog. (And who knew that he could draw? Yep, he did the book’s illustrations, too).

But then there are some other aspects that only true fans can relate to, some they probably won’t even admit to, such as unexplained reactions to certain things, like the one I had when the main character expressed his obsession with a Kia: “It’s a Kia!! Yes! I think this is a very good sign.”

My reaction? “Wow! This must mean something! Me and Rick are so on the same wavelength because I drive a Kia!”

(I didn’t say it was a logical reaction – it was just one of those illogical reactions that still occasionally surface from my adolescent years).

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