Happy birthday, Rick Springfield!

To many Rick Springfield fans around the world, today is an international holiday. It’s Rick Springfield’s birthday and for those with a case of RS crush, Aug. 23 is right there on the calendar of the subconscious mind whether or not they actually celebrate it.

For those who were tween or teenage fans back in the 1980s, this crush may have developed into a sentimental memory of more innocent times. For others, the crush remained a dominant force in their life, as evidenced in the fan documentary “Affair of the Heart.”

For me, this crush recently resurfaced after reading his memoir, “Late, Late at Night.” I can’t really explain it but reading it reignited that connection (however one-sided it may be) that I felt I had with him so many years ago. Despite some of his admissions in the book that one might think would tarnish a pop star’s reputation, the effect it actually had was making him more of a real person and even more likable.

Today, on his 65th birthday, I, along with thousands of other devoted fans, wish him a very happy birthday and wish for him many more happy and healthy years surrounded by love, family, good friends and continued success.

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