I’ve got Rick Springfield tickets!

I have tickets to see Rick Springfield in concert, for the first time in 15 years!

Well they’re not even really tickets anymore, I received an email and printed them out on a piece of a paper, but whatever, that’s not the point.

I’m going to see Rick Springfield in concert!

It’s not until March, so I have a few months to wait. A few months to think about what I’d say to him if I get to meet him. What would I say anyway? Is there even anything I could say that he likely hasn’t heard thousands of times from thousands of women?

The concert is at some country club across town so it seems like it’ll be a nice intimate venue. Although the tickets were a huge splurge for me – with three young kids, concert tickets just aren’t in the budget but this will be my birthday present for two birthdays, I decided – they’re for Row 30. Still, I’m hoping that once it gets going, I can somehow get a little closer…

Ironically, the concert is on my mom’s birthday. She knew how I felt about Rick Springfield, maybe this is some kind of posthumous gift from her? If so, thank you, Mom.

Oh, and I’m going to the show with my best friend from high school, who I’ve seen RS with four other times, including once in junior high and once in high school, so that makes it even cooler.

Now I have just over three months to think about what I would say to him if I were to meet him.

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