More times than I remembered!

I’ve been going through my old journals the past few days and somehow Rick Springfield’s name keeps popping up where I didn’t expect it. Just random mentions here and there and I’ve realized I’ve seen him in concert more than I originally thought!

Here’s what I’ve uncovered so far, pieced together from these journals.

By 1985 (midway through high school) had seen him twice in Phoenix.

Once in 1998 – in Las Vegas

Met him in L.A. at a record store signing in 1999

Saw him in concert twice in 1999, once in Las Vegas and again in Phoenix

2000 – Phoenix

So March will be my seventh show.

I also didn’t realize how dark some of my writing was. I’m guessing it was because writing was a sort of therapy during difficult times but as I’m reading through all of these notebooks, I’m a little surprised at what I’m finding. Maybe I have something else more in common with RS than I thought.

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