Finding treasure

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been going through many of my journals and its been quite an adventure going back in time and learning about my younger self. I did a lot of writing! I have notebooks filled with different songs that I wrote, dating back to 1984, and I can still remember the tunes to many of them. I can even remember the inspiration for some of them. Some of the earlier ones were inspired by plot lines from “Twilight Zone” episodes, but they got more personal as time went on. I also realized that I’ve dated many musicians or wanna-be rock stars. Perhaps that factor was also influenced by RS?

But last night I came across a HUGE surprise on my journey, tucked in folders of high school essays and college transcripts: Two savings bonds. One was from the year I was born and the other from 1982. I went to cash them in today – several bills are due so very grateful – and they totaled over $300! Pretty amazing. I didn’t even remember that I owned any savings bonds so I’m taking that as a sign from G-d that whatever I’m doing going through my old journals and wanting to do more with them is the right path.

I also found some photos of my mom with the journals. She had always been the person who encouraged me to write throughout the years – including pushing me to join the newspaper staff in high school, when it didn’t seem like a “cool” thing to do – so that was symbolic, too. (The RS concert that I have tickets to is on what would have been her 70th birthday.)

I also found an envelope with these pictures in it:

RS pics

Found these pictures in an envelope with my old journals. The photographs in bottom center are from two of his concerts (not great seats, obviously). I think at least one of those photos was taken with a Kodak disc camera.

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