How do you get noticed at a Rick Springfield concert?

If the first scenario of Rick Springfield finding my blog and seeking me out at the March 7 concert doesn’t happen (see here for # 1 possible scenario of meeting RS) – and I do admit that it’s highly unlikely to work out that way – I need some other ideas. Since all-knowing Google always seems to find some answers, I decided to search there for guidance. Here’s what I found.

How to get noticed at a concert:

1. Bring an adorable kid along: In an article posted on Seoulbeats earlier this year, this is one of the top ways to get noticed. Well, I am planning on going to the concert with my best friend from high school but my kids are all adorable and have been listening to a lot of Rick Springfield music lately…

2. Scream loudly when there’s silence: I could do that. If I bring my 4-year-old along, he could definitely do that and that would take care of two of these suggestions.

3. Carry an embarrassing banner: The article suggested holding signs with ludicrous statements such as “I’m pregnant with your child” on it. My husband has been very understanding with my recent RS obsession but I think that might be going over the line.

4. Dress in an outrageous outfit: The article suggests a comical costume or a stage outfit like those previously worn by the focus of affection. How about a Comic Book Hero costume? Or a pink suit from the early 80s? Or I could forgo the outfit and go for the famous Zoot “suit,” (and I’m not talking about the pink one) but that would probably get me arrested and I’d miss the show.

5. If all else fails, burst into tears: I’m not sure how effective that would be from Row 30.

6. Dress up like a fruit or vegetable: Apparently, that’s what a member from the band  5 Seconds Of Summer (whom I never heard of before this Google search but they opened before One Direction’s tour earlier this year. Actually don’t really know much about One Direction either but I have heard of them. Am I showing my age here?) Anyway, yes, that was what one of the band members suggested.

So there you go, these are some of my options. Maybe I’ll just hope that he finds this blog.

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