A funny coincidence about 5 Seconds of Summer

In last night’s blog post, I wrote about a band I had never heard about before – 5 Seconds of Summer. I came across their name only because they were mentioned in an article I read.

After I finished posting, I remembered that my bed was covered in clean laundry that needed to be folded so I turned an an episode of “Parenthood” that I DVR’d a few weeks ago. Within the first few seconds – before I had a chance to fast forward through commercials – a commercial promoting that night’s episode of “The Tonight Show” came on. The musical guest? 5 Seconds of Summer.

So then of course I needed to Google more about the band and watch a couple of their videos (I liked them). And guess what I found out? They are from Australia!

(For those who stumbled across this post while Googling “5 Seconds of Summer” and have no idea why I thought this to be a funny coincidence, it’s because Rick Springfield – the subject of this blog – is also from Australia).


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