Rick Springfield stripped down

Last weekend, our local PBS affiliate ran Rick Springfield’s “Stripped Down” concert film, which I was so happy about because ever since I heard that he does this sort of concert, I’ve been wanting to see one. I’m sure they must be pretty amazing in person, but it was still pretty cool to watch one at home, too. The plus is that I could rewind it if I missed anything or wanted an instant replay. And of course I now have it in my DVR library so I can watch it again.

Anyway, here are my three favorite parts, in order of appearance:

1. Painted Girl – RS played the first song he wrote and shared the story behind it – or at least his interpretation of what he thought was going through his mind at age 15. His self-deprecating sense of humor adds to his stories about his colorful life. I suppose this particularly struck a chord with me (pun intended) since I’ve been going through my own journals from my teenage years and appreciate the reflective nature of this segment of the concert.

2. April 24, 1981/My Father’s Chair – This was incredibly touching, seeing his response to singing it all these years later and the way others in the audience responded to it. Nearly everyone has lost someone they love at some point and these songs always bring tears to my eyes, as well.

3. Although I’m not sure if the songs he played/sang that he didn’t write had specific meaning to him (not sure how much of the concert was actually shown since a great deal of it was interrupted with pledge solicitation), but he sure did rock!

(Note: If anyone had the means to do so, I hope they made a pledge to PBS, which provides wonderful programming to our community. And if anyone who gave the $150 pledge because they appreciate PBS’s work but don’t really care about the March 7 VIP concert ticket/meet-and-greet pass and wine tasting that comes with it – or even if those tickets are too close to the stage and you’d rather sit in Row 30 so it’s not so loud – you know where to find me.)


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