A light in the darkness

After celebrating eight days of lights (Hanukkah), I’ve had the concept of light on my mind. Each night we light a menorah – first starting with one candle – and the shamash, the one that lights the others each night – and by the last night, all nine candles burn so bright, you don’t even need a flash.

One of the deeper meanings of the holiday is the idea of bringing light to the world and the power of one small flame to create light in the darkness. Thinking of this while looking through the RS lens of this blog and reading some of the posts on the RS fan pages, it appears that RS brings light to so many people who experience darkness. He uses the term “the darkness” to refer to the depression that has haunted him through his life and he’s said that his songwriting is his outlet to working through this darkness. So from this darkness, he creates light for others to help them get through their dark times.

Although most of us don’t have the celebrity power to reach so many people, we do have the power to illuminate the lives of the people in our lives – our families and friends and our community. May we all shine our own light to help illuminate the world.

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