Dreamt a little dream

Apparently my subconscious mind is now saturated by all the Rick Springfield interviews I’ve been watching/reading lately, as he was in my dream last night. In it we just met and were walking to a studio to record a song (a dream within a dream!). I was very excited, a little nervous and he was very nice.

Then the next part I remember, I was in an airport terminal and was worried because I didn’t remember bringing my luggage from the hotel to the airport. But somebody assured me that I had taken care of it. There were rows of record albums lined up between the rows of chairs of travelers waiting for their flight – like in a record store –  so I found the “S” section and was looking for the new RS album so I could ask him to sign it. But I only found a few copies of “Working Class Dog” but it wasn’t the actual WCD cover, instead there was a different dog on the cover – there was a brown background and the close-up of a distinguished-looking dog’s face. I think it may have been Gomer. I wanted to ask someone working there if they had the new album yet but it wasn’t clear who was working there. I do remember seeing one of the first albums I had though, Shaun Cassidy’s solo album, the one that had the song “Da Doo Ron Ron.”

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