Saturday Night Springfield Special – Part 2

OK, so it was more than seven hours straight of Rick Springfield songs. To anyone out there who thinks of him as a one-hit wonder: pffft.

Really though, wow, it was so  much fun! Not only because it was hours and hours and hours of great music by my favorite inspiration but also the chatting on the Facebook page, the feeling of connection with other RS fans. For instance, when that horrible Disco dance mix of “Our Ship’s Sinking” was on, my response to my husband was, “What is this?!?!” and it got similar responses from others on the page (including Rowdy Ron, who ended up interrupting it in the middle to play the good version). Some of the fans donated items for various giveaways, which was really nice (even though I didn’t win any of them.)

What was really cool about this evening was the mix of songs, from the 70s to 2012 plus the I-know-every-single-word-of-this- song ones to the ones I’ve never heard before. Thanks to those at Rick Springfield & Us for being such a great resource for lyrics and to find which songs were on which albums. The number of songs written by RS – in so many different styles – is so impressive.

With DVRs, Netflix and the plethora of ways for people to get their entertainment these days, all too often people only share moments with those in the room rather than it being a collective experience. I remember as a kid going to school and discussing whatever show or movie was on TV the evening before. It’s much more rare to do that today because there is probably someone in the room who DVRd it and hasn’t watched it (“spoiler alerts” didn’t exist back then). Rather than everyone sharing something enjoyable, it seems that it’s all the distressing news that generates conversation now because it’s only the breaking news we all hear at the same time. So it was nice to share something so positive with people around the world who also enjoyed the same thing.

So thank you, Rowdy Ron – and that was a perfect song to end the show: “Don’t Keep the Sandman Waiting.”

Good night!

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