I’m reading this new book called “Small Miracles from Beyond: Dreams, Visions and Signs that Link Us to the Other Side”  –  the newest book by the authors of the “Small Miracles” series – so I’m currently on the lookout for “coincidences” in everyday life.

I experienced one today that could be merely the result of an overactive imagination or just plain irrelevant but it was peculiar nonetheless.

I’m co-chairing an event coming up that has a 1970s theme – it’s going to be a 1970s party – and we had a meeting this morning discussing different 1970s topics. Then tonight I was checking my Twitter feed and saw that Rick Springfield (or his social media rep) posted a photo this morning of a young RS merely labeled “1974.”

When I first saw the photo, I wondered what the significance was. Is it the anniversary of something? There aren’t usually many photos on his Twitter page and the ones that are posted are usually current ones. And it’s Sunday – not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday. So what is it?

I did a Google image search to see what information I could find about the photo and – surprisingly because there are LOTS of RS photos all over the Internet – there were no others of this image posted. Then I noticed the time the photo was posted. It was at the same exact time I was sitting in my meeting discussing the 1970s!

(cue “Twilight Zone” music).

Seriously, isn’t that a little weird?

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