One in a million – back on tour

Now that the personal injury case is over, RS is back in warmer temperatures – and in the studio working on his next album. A much better place for him to be!

RS spoke to Judge Cristina Perez about the case this week and it was interesting to hear his take on it.  I especially liked this quote: “It’s about justice and the truth in the end and hopefully that generally wins.”

He also posted a video on YouTube bringing his fans into the studio for a minute or so – that was fun to watch!

As he heads back on tour this weekend, RS fans are anxious to see whether or not he’ll resume the “Human Touch” portion of the show, going out into the audience at his concerts. As his Arizona concert gets closer, I’m definitely curious, too. (Although I’m not sure that he actually makes it out to the 30th row so it may not even be an issue).

But I have been thinking a lot about that feeling before a RS concert – about the possibility of being in the right place at the right time and meeting him. After one concert back in high school, me and my friends headed toward a tour bus afterward – before our parents picked us up – but it was Quarterflash inside.

How many of the thousands of fans who attend his shows – not counting the ones who purchase Meet-and-Greet packages – are embracing the hope that they may cross paths with him when he’s in town?

I’ve been thinking about that all week and this is the result:

One in a million

They feel like they know you
From all that you’ve shared
Devoted for decades
They’ve shown that they care

To them you’re one in a million
The brightest star in the sky
A light in the darkness
A muse in their life

You fly in for the evening
By the next day you’re gone
Fueling fantasy
With a touch or a song

A snapshot to capture
Memories intertwined
Reality merged
With a touch of divine

To you they’re one of a million
A face in the crowd
A blur in the spotlight
In an indistinct town

A voice in the roar
As the star takes the stage
Internal illusions
Dissolve in the haze

One in a million
The brightest star in the sky
Flashes through the evening
Then disappears in the night.

Update: I finally recorded this song – written on piano (July 12, 2015). Here it is:

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