Yahoo Stripped Down-live show

2015-02-25 19.29.19

Tonight Rick Springfield’s Stripped Down concert at House of Blues in Boston was live streamed on Yahoo Live! – What a great show!

Even though he was battling a cold, you couldn’t even tell, he looked and sounded great and put on a wonderful show. Although I’ve heard some of the stories he told before, there was plenty of new stuff and knowing it was live added a whole different dimension. And to see how he handled it when a fan approached the stage and started talking to him as he was about to sing a song was very impressive, too. What a classy guy with a great sense of humor.

The photos on the screen were wonderful, too – it was so fun to see childhood and family pics and the “Ordinary Girl” segment with photos of his wife was so sweet.

My husband had a class tonight so I let the kids watch TV while I watched the concert (Did I actually say, “OK, you can watch 20 more minutes but only because there’s a live Rick Springfield concert on right now”? Yes. To which my 8-year-old replied, “Thank you, Rick Springfield, for your concert.”)

As for the Q&A session… What part of the “don’t ask for a hug or a photo or an autograph” wasn’t clear? But RS was very gracious. I thought the question about what his sons think about his music was a good one and we got one hint about one of the songs on the upcoming CD – yahoo!

P.S. to RS: Thanks for the heads-up about the virtual guitar app – that’s so cool and now it’s on my phone to try it out. And we will have better weather here in Phoenix for your show next week! Hope you feel better soon!

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