RS, is your left ear ringing?

There’s a superstition about your left ear ringing when somebody says something good about you and there’s also a superstition that your left ear burns when a woman is speaking of you. If both of those superstitions were true, RS would likely constantly have ringing, burning ears.

I remember watching an interview with RS that was filmed right after he watched the documentary about his fans “Affair of the Heart” (Or maybe it was actually part of the film, I can’t remember, I better watch it again.) and he said that he had no idea that his fans felt that way about him. He thought they came to the show, had a great time then left and that was that. He must have known that it wasn’t the case in the 1980s when his image was the first thing thousands of teenage girls saw in the morning when they woke up and the last thing they saw at night because his face was plastered all over their bedroom walls.

Maybe it was easier to ignore in the 1990s before social media’s debut but all he has to do is to search his name on Twitter and there’s all kind of chatter there (way too many references to “Jessie’s Girl,” methinks). Then of course there’s all the interviews he does in all the cities he performs in that are accessible online at all hours of the day (which generates shares and more conversation, both virtually and in person to whoever is in the room – apologies to my husband for all the RS conversations…) And if he were to sneak on to his Facebook fan pages, he’d likely be surprised by what he sees there. (Or maybe not, after all these years, he’s probably seen all kind of things.)

Anyway, FOUR MORE DAYS until the show. I was a little nervous when I saw the March 5 and March 6 concerts were cancelled but so far it looks like those “unforeseen scheduling conflicts” won’t affect Saturday’s show. Four more days…


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