Personal life

When RS is on the road, it’s almost easy to forget that he has a personal life. There is photo after photo of him with fans and video clips of his shows posted on Facebook and Twitter feeds and some fans post updated information about him as the days go by, depending on what he chooses to reveal about himself during his shows.

Then, as he takes a break, it clicks off. No more daily interviews and snippets from his life. There was this Facebook update on Monday:

FB boxing post.docxBut that’s been it for the week. There are now more than 1,500 comments on the post, mainly with get-well wishes, offers to take care of him, Dr. Noah Drake jokes and hoping he’s better in time for the show they were planning to go to.

Does he read the comments? Would he want to?

Meanwhile, now he’s at home with his family, taking a break from the meet-and-greets and their smiling snapshots, one after another; human touches; expectations to always be “on”; and other rock star roles. And apparently healing from surgery.

I wonder if that’s a tough transition – switching from the rock star role to the at-home self. When he gets home after being fawned over by women of all ages for weeks at a time, does his wife hand him a “honey-do” list as other wives do after their husbands return home from the office? (Not literally of course, but I think you know what I mean.)

At one of the Q&A sessions at a Stripped Down concert I saw online, he mentioned that his sons thinks it’s weird that so many women are obsessed with their dad – after all, he’s just their dad to them, not a rock star. I just think that is hilarious – and beautiful.

Is being a “rock star” just a job? (Or a rock star/writer/actor if you want to get specific.)  A cool, fun one, to be sure, but is it just a job he can leave outside the door when he gets home?


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