So close and yet so far

RS’s next concert will be in Arizona this Thursday and I won’t be able to go. Yes, I just saw him a month ago but that was the full-band show and the one in Tucson this week is a Stripped Down” show – just him on stage with some guitars and a “band in a box” (prerecorded music on a laptop) and him telling stories about his songs. I knew weeks ago that seeing the show – which is about two hours away so takes some coordination – was unlikely to happen, but I hoped our circumstances would change and it would become possible. But then our fridge broke last week and we needed to replace it.

One of the Tucson radio stations had a contest over the weekend to win tickets so I tried to stream it online to listen for the word to text, but the streaming didn’t work.

But it’s still four days away so there’s still hope something may change. (Meanwhile, I will focus on appreciating having refrigerated food.)

‘Going Through Some Old Lyrics’: A RS Facebook post from last year

I just came across this – it’s my new favorite RS video ever (on a separate level than the musical ones).

I’ve been going through my notebooks from the last 30 years finding all my old songs, so this video really resonated with me. Just like RS, I now type all of my songs (sometimes I scribble in the notebook in my purse, but usually only the full song makes it onto the computer) but all my old ones are in notebooks, with plenty of cross-outs, scribbles and re-writes. (I recently went through many of them and selected some to send into cyberspace on Beyond the Notebook.)

This video is so fun to watch, thanks for sharing, RS!