RS hair for sale?

A link for a signed RS guitar for charity showed up in my Facebook newsfeed today. An electric guitar signed and played by Rick Springfield for $1,500 that goes to charity.  Nice.

But then something else caught my eye:

hair for sale (2)

An autographed container of RS’s hair? Seriously? And you can even get it gift-wrapped.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find purchasing somebody’s hair a little creepy. Except for a sentimental snip of a child’s first haircut for the baby book, I don’t understand the attraction. Sure, it’s nice that the $750 will go toward charity but what’s next? Toenail clippings?

What caught my eye next was this line: Imagine the legions of fans who were shocked by recent developments; Rick shaved his signature locks to play his latest role in the HBO show “True Detective …”

What?! When did this happen? Did he really shave his head?

His famous tweet  in which he broke the news of being on the show was on Dec. 10, 2014.


According to one awesome RS fan website, there were no tour dates in December so there were no concert snapshots or videos posted on social media at that time. Then there was the trial in Syracuse in the middle of January and those cool photos in the studio when his hair was fairly long. So if he shaved it in December, how did it get that long again a few weeks later?

Just one of those things I was thinking about tonight.

What, you think that’s creepy?



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