One in a Million: The beginning of a song

I recently decided that I’ve waited long enough to start recording the songs I’ve carried around in my head for years, as well as the songs I’ve written over the past few months. If not now, when?

So although my guitar and piano skills are both very rudimentary, I thought I’d get started anyway. Both yesterday and today I stole away whatever quiet moments I could to try translating the melody for “One in a Million” from my head to piano.

Since I’m just using a digital tape recorder and a piano, I had to first write the music (it’s very basic) to go with my melody and then remember both the notes and the lyrics at the same time – and play and sing them as I wanted them to sound. It was much more complicated than it sounds! I hit “record” at least 75 times, if not more. With some of the recordings, you can hear my kids playing upstairs.

I wasn’t able to get through the whole song without any errors – and there are still parts where I haven’t quite found the right notes yet – but I did manage to get through the first few lines and I feel like it’s an accurate translation for what was in my head.

So, here is the debut of the beginning, current version of “One in a Million”:

(In case anyone is interested, the lyrics are in this post from January).

Update: Finally recorded the whole thing. Here it is (July 12,2015):

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