There is so much going on in the world of Rick Springfield fandom, I just have to write another post about it.

1. Acclaim for his role on “True Detective” (and once again, it was make-up, he doesn’t really look like that – in case you came across this post after Googling “What happened to Rick Springfield?!”).

2. Press for “Ricki and the Flash” – he’s scheduled to be on “Jimmy Kimmel” on July 29 and likely other talk shows in the next few weeks – and the movie itself on Aug. 7. (Visit here to find out if there’s a viewing party near you.)

3. His concert tour (and I have tickets for a show in about three months- yea!).

4. Unbelievable contests – win a dinner with Rick Springfield, a sound check with Rick Springfield, a phone call from Rick Springfield, a cruise with Rick Springfield. My 13-year-old self is just blown away by the opportunities. (Although besides winning a Duran Duran T-shirt from a radio station back in high school, I haven’t had much luck with contests so my hopes are not high.) Click here for more information about the sound check or dinner contests, here for the phone call and here for the cruise. (And if you win and aren’t able to go through with it, feel free to be in touch and I’ll step in. Yes, I’m willing to help, you’re welcome.)

By the way, the dinner and sound check contests are part of the Rick Springfield Birthday Charity Campaign organized by RS fans that benefits two charities – one helping animals and one benefiting children. RS fans raised $3,000 in one week so far and there are still a few weeks left. Cool, eh?

And amid all this excitement about these strides in RS’s acting career, don’t forget that he’s also working on finishing a new CD.

Thanks, RS, for all the exciting things you are working on and we (the collective we of your fans) wish you only the best!

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