Concert tour via Periscope

All technology has the potential to be used in amazing ways or horrible ways and so far my only glimpse of Periscope has been great. I only discovered it a couple of days ago – two Rick Springfield concerts ago, to be precise.

I noticed a tweet that contained the words “Rick Springfield concert” and “Periscope” and had to explore further. Not being terribly technology-savvy, I hadn’t heard of Periscope before but soon discovered that it is Twitter’s new video-streaming platform.

Basically, it allows you to use your phone to broadcast video and audio from wherever you are to any viewers following your broadcast. So for the purposes of this blog, it means that a fellow RS fan can go to a concert, shoot a video with their phone and all the RS fans from around the world can tune into the concert as it is happening.

Pretty amazing, right? No more waiting until later that night or even the next day to see if anybody posted a concert video on Facebook or YouTube. The Periscope app also allows for a live discussion and feedback, as well as sharing on Twitter.

After the broadcast ends, it can be replayed for up to 24 hours and then it is erased. (But it can still be saved to your phone and shared on social media later.) The video quality isn’t great – at least on my phone – but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Here’s a helpful article that explains it in more detail.

Of course the other aspect of Periscope continues the “little brother is watching” (see this post) creepiness that social media can bring, but if we all just keep it civil, it could be lots of fun.

Update: The Rick Springfield Facebook page also recently started a live stream of concerts so check that out, too. Sometimes the view is better.

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