Two weeks from tonight!

Two weeks from tonight, Rick Springfield will be back in Phoenix and I will be there in the third row waiting for him!

This will be my ninth RS concert and this will be the closest to the stage that I’ve ever been (except for that one show back in 1999 when I maneuvered my way to the front during the show), so I’m very excited!

I’ll be there with my husband – his first RS full-band show (he went to the Stripped Down show with me in Tucson this past April) – and we’re bringing our two older sons, ages 7 and 9. This will be their first rock concert.

After I purchased the tickets and was expressing my excitement at getting such great seats, my husband requested one thing from me: to please not swoon too much over RS in front of the kids.

I told him I will try not to, but honestly, I’m pretty sure my swooning is involuntary.

I hear it in my voice when I start talking about RS – my voice gets higher and I start talking really fast. It’s as if some type of switch clicks on and I revert back to my 13-year-old self. And each time I’ve met him, my mind goes blank and either I start babbling about who knows what or I don’t say anything at all. That is definitely not something I’d do on purpose.

Since my husband plays guitar and is a huge fan of live music, I’m hoping he’ll be distracted by RS’s amazing guitar playing and won’t notice any swooning that may occur.

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