The night before the concert

The Rick Springfield concert at the Arizona State Fair, a few miles from my house, is tomorrow night! Is RS in Phoenix at this very moment or is he flying in tomorrow? I don’t know. Maybe his plane is flying over my house right now. Am I being a little obsessive? Maybe.

So here we are the night before the concert. I’ve printed out the concert tickets and the fair admission tickets, verified the directions to the fair and how long it will take to get there, found out where to park, confirmed with the babysitter for my youngest son (I arranged a back-up plan, too, just in case), packed special T-shirts I bought for my older sons for the concert, packed earplugs in case it’s too loud for either of them, packed snacks in case they get hungry during the show, packed something for RS to sign in case I get to meet him again, and am doing a few loads of laundry since I’ll be out of town this weekend for the Vegas concert.

This is so much more complicated then the nights before the earlier shows I saw as at teenager – I probably just listened to his albums or cassette tapes over and over again and chatted on the phone with my friends for a couple of hours.

But I’m not complaining!

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