Concert afterglow

The past few days after the Rick Springfield concert at the AZ State Fair in Phoenix have been so super busy that I haven’t had time for anything else but what had to get done. But it has been on my mind and I’m going to blurt out all the random things that I’ve been thinking about it in the next few minutes before I need to go pack for my Vegas trip for my next RS concert…


The highlight of course was that he came over to my kids in the audience and they got to sing “Don’t Talk to Strangers” with him. We’ve watched the video a few times and it is just so cool! Kinda surreal, too, to see RS talking to my kids and calling them “awesome dudes.” If you’ve followed my blog this past year or so, and are aware of the influence he’s had on my life, then you may understand why this is a big deal. If you’ve stumbled across this blog by accident after searching for “rick springfield true detective” (the most popular search term that’s listed), then you probably don’t get it, but trust me, it’s pretty cool. The morning after the concert, my 9-year-old told me that when he’s a grown-up he is going to be an “author and a rockbander.”

Periscope vs. video

I did a few Periscope videos from the concert, but was disappointed with them. First of all, I couldn’t zoom in and it looked blurry. Secondly, I had programmed the setting to autosave but it didn’t so I lost all of them. The idea of interacting with people during the show and seeing all the hearts appearing on the screen was fun, but I wasn’t looking at the screen that much because I was looking at the real thing in front of me so there wasn’t really that much interaction anyway. Maybe it was just my phone, but I’d recommend that if you want to record, use video and save it on YouTube later. (But if you still want to Periscope from a concert, I’ll happily watch it.)

I didn’t want to take any chances with “Down” because I wanted to have my own video of it. I was hoping to get it kinda close-up so I could maybe read his lips for the lyrics that I haven’t figured out yet. But with my kids on either side of me talking, bumping me and at one point taking the phone from my hand to do the filming, it didn’t come out as I had hoped. At first I was pretty disappointed with how it came out, but after I watched it again, I realized that it was actually a precious souvenir: a live video of Rick Springfield singing one of his new songs with my boys voices’ on the video.

For Sunday night’s show in Vegas (assuming that RS makes it there from Vegas in time – one Texas show was cancelled this week because his flight was cancelled due to bad weather – but I hope that doesn’t happen again), my seats aren’t as good. This time I’ll be in the second section, but right on the middle aisle so hopefully he’ll come by during “Human Touch.”

Carpool talk

I mentioned in a previous post that we listen to RS CDs a lot in the car. So much so that when I told the mom of the boy in our carpool that we were going to a RS concert and had been listening to the CD, she said, “Oh, that’s why he’s been singing ‘Jessie’s Girl’ all the time!”

Since the concert, I’ve gotten lots of requests from the boys to hear “Don’t Talk to Strangers.” When I asked my 9-year-old if he liked it so much because he got to sing it with RS, he said. “No, I just really like the song.”

I told them that “Jessie’s” name was actually Gary so they enjoy singing, “I wish that I had Gary’s Girl” and cracking up. They also think it’s funny to sing, “What kind of food am I?” instead of “What kind of fool am I?”

OK, I think that’s it. Here’s the video of “Down,” but I recommend that you close your eyes – RS sounds great but the video is very shaky and mainly blurry.

And here’s the video with RS singing with my boys:

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