The next (and maybe last) fan getaway

When it was announced on the Rick Springfield Facebook page earlier this week that details of the next (and possibly the last) fan getaway would be announced today, I was rooting for Legoland.

Not that I actually thought it would be, of course, but that same day, my kids were telling me that they’d like to go back to Legoland, and this time they’d like to stay in the Legoland Hotel. I would rather go to Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas for an all-inclusive trip that includes Rick Springfield, Rick Springfield concerts, acoustic “Stripped Down” sessions, Q&As, parties and free drinks. But at about $2,000 per person, plus airfare, it’s not possible at this time.

If it was at the Legoland Hotel in California, there’d be no airfare and we could pay for rooms for grandparents and/or babysitters while my husband and I attended the concerts and the parties. Plus there wouldn’t be the guilt of spending nearly $6,000 on a vacation for the two of us after telling our kids that one night at Legoland Hotel is just too expensive.

Of course there are other options. If my husband or I apply now, maybe we could get a job at an airline in the next few weeks and by next November we’d have accrued vacation time and free airfare. Or we could relocate to the Bahamas and get a job at Atlantis Paradise Island through Nov. 10-14. Or we could start a GoFundMe page. No, trying to raise money to attend a fan getaway doesn’t seem appropriate. Maybe I should start playing the lottery.


Hey, RS, there’s a cool Star Wars exhibit made from LEGOs. If you do decide to do one more after next year, how about Legoland Fan Getaway 2017?









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