February is around the corner

It was almost a year ago – January of this year – that RS first announced that he was working on a new album. The original release date was the summer then it moved to October and now the official date is Feb. 19.

“Rocket Science” is now available to pre-order on Amazon. There are two versions so far: the CD and the mp3, the latter one has a bonus track: “Beautiful Inside” listed.

Whoo-hoo, so excited! It’s difficult to wait, but we’ve waited this long already. And awesome fans being so generous with their Periscope videos makes the waiting a little easier. Last night after a full night of Hanukkah celebrations with my family, I remembered that RS had a Stripped Down show in California last night so I checked Twitter to see if anybody had posted anything. There was a sound check, extra long videos from the show (including this “Jessie’s Girl,” “Stacy’s Mom” and “Jenny (867-5309)” mash-up that was pretty clever) and a Q&A session. I poured a glass of wine and enjoyed the show.




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