Light this party up!

USA Today has presented the world premiere of the first song off of “Rocket Science”: “Light This Party Up.

I don’t know much about the music business,  but this seems like a new approach – a newspaper debuting the first song of a CD. Sounds like a good idea. But whatever, the first song is out! Now there’s officially new Rick Springfield music in the world. Finally some good news!

Although I have heard him perform the song live several times (both in person and in videos), it is super cool to hear the recorded version.

The song has worked well as the opening song at his concerts – it has lots of energy – and I think it would also work well in a movie soundtrack or commercial (an energetic party scene is what I am envisioning).

And here are a few words from RS about the song, via USA Today:

Springfield wrote the driving, characteristically guitar-fueled tune during a trip to Tahiti with his wife. “We don’t take many vacations, and it’s always hard for me to sit still,” he says. “So I took my childhood guitar and sat at this sort of bamboo beach bar and wrote it. The setting suited the song.”

Granted, Springfield, 66, notes that Light This Party Up begins with this lyric: “Sometimes my life feels like one long fall from grace.” So it’s “not all about partying.”

And here’s the official audio of “Light This Party Up.”

RS also made the news this week in a Rolling Stone Magazine video about his “Star Wars” collection.

May the force be with you, Mr. Springfield, for the success of your new CD.

(OK, that’s corny, I know, whatever. But stay away from the dark side.)


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