The coolest gift came in the mail today

I received the COOLEST gift in the mail today! It was the Secret Santa gift that came with an order from Rick Springfield Official Merchandise.

To some, it may look only like a piece of notebook paper with some words scribbled on it, like maybe somebody accidentally stuck a piece of stained paper from a cluttered desk into the envelope before sealing it. But it is actually a treasure.

The writing is difficult to read, but do these words sound familiar to you?

Stop, my head is playing tricks again, won’t it every stop
Baby help me listen to my heart and then take me to the top

If not, I’ll tell you – it’s the lyrics to “Carry Me Away” off “Working Class Dog.”

And on the other side are the lyrics in progress for “Everybody’s Girl,” along with chords listed above some of the words and some lines crossed out with new words scribbled in on top.

One of the things that makes it so cool is that it’s like a time machine back to when RS was working on “Working Class Dog” and before he hit his big success. When he was writing these words, he was on the brink of “making it big” yet he didn’t know it yet. At the time it was just a piece of paper – one of many – with his lyrics on it but nobody else had ever sung them yet.

And now a copy of that piece of paper has arrived at my house about 35 years later, (and is now in a plastic sheet protector) and I was singing the melody as I read the words.

So weird, and incredibly cool.

Thank you to those at Rick Springfield Official Merchandise!




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