‘We Connect’ and ‘Let Me In’

The first review of “Rocket Science” came out a few days ago so I thought I’d include a link to that, here, too, especially because it includes a few lines of lyrics of one of the new songs on the new CD: “We Connect.”

It’s a very positive review (Melodicrock.com) and provides some clues to what the new CD sounds like: Rick Springfield delivers songwriting masterclass with ‘Rocket Science.’

And here’s a clip from a rehearsal from January when RS and his band were working on “Let Me In” (That song was a bonus track on “Songs for the End of the World.”)

So here’s what we have so far:

  1. The actual recording of “Light This Party Up.”
  2. The live version of “Down” plus bits of the recorded version after the lights go on after a concert.
  3. The previous version of “Let Me In” (great song).
  4. A few lines of lyrics from “We Connect.”
  5. A mention in an interview that “All Hands on Deck” is a patriotic song.

So now there are nine songs that are complete mysteries (the 8 others on the album plus a bonus track on the mp3).

And yes, I do realize that this probably stretches “fan” into “fanatical,” but one of the reasons I started this blog was because this is the kind of stuff that goes on in my head and it’s a way to not drive those around me crazy by actually talking about it.

Perhaps I should take the fact that my keyboard keeps freezing up as I write this as a hint that I should just stop now so I’ll go ahead and do that.

Light this party up!

USA Today has presented the world premiere of the first song off of “Rocket Science”: “Light This Party Up.

I don’t know much about the music business,  but this seems like a new approach – a newspaper debuting the first song of a CD. Sounds like a good idea. But whatever, the first song is out! Now there’s officially new Rick Springfield music in the world. Finally some good news!

Although I have heard him perform the song live several times (both in person and in videos), it is super cool to hear the recorded version.

The song has worked well as the opening song at his concerts – it has lots of energy – and I think it would also work well in a movie soundtrack or commercial (an energetic party scene is what I am envisioning).

And here are a few words from RS about the song, via USA Today:

Springfield wrote the driving, characteristically guitar-fueled tune during a trip to Tahiti with his wife. “We don’t take many vacations, and it’s always hard for me to sit still,” he says. “So I took my childhood guitar and sat at this sort of bamboo beach bar and wrote it. The setting suited the song.”

Granted, Springfield, 66, notes that Light This Party Up begins with this lyric: “Sometimes my life feels like one long fall from grace.” So it’s “not all about partying.”

And here’s the official audio of “Light This Party Up.”

RS also made the news this week in a Rolling Stone Magazine video about his “Star Wars” collection.

May the force be with you, Mr. Springfield, for the success of your new CD.

(OK, that’s corny, I know, whatever. But stay away from the dark side.)

February is around the corner

It was almost a year ago – January of this year – that RS first announced that he was working on a new album. The original release date was the summer then it moved to October and now the official date is Feb. 19.

“Rocket Science” is now available to pre-order on Amazon. There are two versions so far: the CD and the mp3, the latter one has a bonus track: “Beautiful Inside” listed.

Whoo-hoo, so excited! It’s difficult to wait, but we’ve waited this long already. And awesome fans being so generous with their Periscope videos makes the waiting a little easier. Last night after a full night of Hanukkah celebrations with my family, I remembered that RS had a Stripped Down show in California last night so I checked Twitter to see if anybody had posted anything. There was a sound check, extra long videos from the show (including this “Jessie’s Girl,” “Stacy’s Mom” and “Jenny (867-5309)” mash-up that was pretty clever) and a Q&A session. I poured a glass of wine and enjoyed the show.



‘You Are Not Alone’

Last night I just finished a song I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I started it after the recent terror attacks in Paris and Israel and unfortunately there have been many others around the world since then, including one in our own country earlier this week.

(As with past songs, please excuse the amateur recording – it’s the first song I’ve written on a keyboard and it was just recorded with a tape recorder – it’s the best of MANY attempts – at least this version has all the right words and notes and no dog barking or children screaming in the background).

Prayers for all of those going through a difficult time and for peace.

You Are Not Alone

You are in tomorrow
I’m still in today
You can’t feel my sorrow
You’re too far away

Although we may be strangers
I’m standing by your side
Grieving in your shadow
As you say your goodbyes

You are not alone
The world may seem so cold
If it brings you any solace, know
that you are not alone

In time a heart will heal
I know that’s not how you feel
I wish that I could take your pain away
Darkness on the evening news
Time stands still as the world resumes
Moving forward yet stalled in yesterday

You are not alone
Though you may be far from home
If it brings you any solace, know
that you are not alone

I hope the light shines down on you
to help you make it through
Bringing warmth into your world once again
Feel the love filling the air
Across the miles, to there from here
Reaching you whenever you need a friend

You are not alone
Although the future remains unknown
If it brings you any solace, know
that you are not alone

You are in tomorrow
I’m still in today
You can’t feel my sorrow
You’re too far away

Although we may be strangers
I’m standing by your side
Grieving in your shadow
As you say your goodbyes

You are not alone
The world may seem so cold
If it brings you any solace, know
that you are not alone.

© 2015 rscrush.wordpress.com

The next (and maybe last) fan getaway

When it was announced on the Rick Springfield Facebook page earlier this week that details of the next (and possibly the last) fan getaway would be announced today, I was rooting for Legoland.

Not that I actually thought it would be, of course, but that same day, my kids were telling me that they’d like to go back to Legoland, and this time they’d like to stay in the Legoland Hotel. I would rather go to Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas for an all-inclusive trip that includes Rick Springfield, Rick Springfield concerts, acoustic “Stripped Down” sessions, Q&As, parties and free drinks. But at about $2,000 per person, plus airfare, it’s not possible at this time.

If it was at the Legoland Hotel in California, there’d be no airfare and we could pay for rooms for grandparents and/or babysitters while my husband and I attended the concerts and the parties. Plus there wouldn’t be the guilt of spending nearly $6,000 on a vacation for the two of us after telling our kids that one night at Legoland Hotel is just too expensive.

Of course there are other options. If my husband or I apply now, maybe we could get a job at an airline in the next few weeks and by next November we’d have accrued vacation time and free airfare. Or we could relocate to the Bahamas and get a job at Atlantis Paradise Island through Nov. 10-14. Or we could start a GoFundMe page. No, trying to raise money to attend a fan getaway doesn’t seem appropriate. Maybe I should start playing the lottery.


Hey, RS, there’s a cool Star Wars exhibit made from LEGOs. If you do decide to do one more after next year, how about Legoland Fan Getaway 2017?








Finding your north star

I found an audiobook at the library the other day: “Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live” by Martha Beck. It was one of those guideposts that you come across at certain points in your life when you’re not sure you’re going in the right direction.

I stuck it into my car’s CD player this morning as a distraction from being frustrated that my youngest son left his backpack at home and I needed to to return home and then deliver it to his school because it had his lunch and his jacket inside. (He’s only 5 and he almost burst into tears as he was getting out of the car once he realized he forgot it so it didn’t seem appropriate to make it a “Sorry, it’s your responsibility” kind of lesson.)


The offending backpack and the CD.

It’s a 20-minute drive from our house to the kids’ school and about the same distance to my office, so this translated to spending the next hour in the car. And I had a deadline to meet at work. So when I got home, I grabbed the backpack and the CD, sensing I needed a few words of inspiration to avoid feeling so annoyed.

Anyway, although the book was published in 2001, it felt like it was written for exactly this point in my life 14 years later. I won’t go into all the details – and I’ve only listened to about the first 40 minutes of it so far so I don’t have many details – but it was exactly what I needed to hear.

The timing, as well as the message, was perfect. When I was about a block away from my office, Martha Beck was concluding the first “session” on the CD, saying that the next session would require an atmosphere of few distractions  – after the kids were in bed and certainly not while driving, she advised – and as I pulled into my parking spot, the jazzy music between “sessions” played.

So why am I writing about this on a Rick Springfield blog? Because her message made me think of him. How a person’s “essential self” knows what they should be doing with their life and although society may dictate otherwise, a person needs to be true to themselves to fulfill their best personal self.

Although his parents’ friends believed he should stay in high school, he set out to do what he felt he should be doing. And although he had many years of struggling and frustration, he kept right on going, pausing at times, but then continuing on. Then BOOM – extreme success in the 1980s in doing what he wanted to do, both with music and acting. Then after he felt overwhelmed, he stepped out of the limelight to recuperate. And then about a decade later, he was back at it, going, going, going.

Now it feels like he’s finally getting some well-deserved recognition for all his hard work – for music, writing and acting. Not only has he helped so many people by sharing his journey and being true to himself, but also has provided so much enjoyment and inspiration.

As for the CD and my own north star, I’m going to go listen to the next session now that the kids are sleeping.