Gestures of kindness

The following story came up on Twitter tonight:

“Shooting Victim Meets Rick Springfield”

It is about how Kathy Steever – who was shot at a South Dakota steel mill in February of last year – got to meet her high school heartthrob while he was in town for tonight’s concert. He visited  with her, signed autographs and took photos with her, which of course brought her tremendous joy.

The story features a sweet video of the visit and I couldn’t stop thinking of it  afterward as my 7-year-old was reading me “Adventures of Frog and Toad” stories: I found myself crying at Frog’s small gestures of kindness to his sad friend, Toad. It was a reminder that although a celebrity definitely has the power to brighten someone’s day by small gestures of kindness, so, too, does an ordinary person (or even a frog).

I remembered hearing about the shooting last year – one of many in the news last year, unfortunately – and after reading the above story on, I did a little more research and saw that Kathy Steever was an employee of the steel mill and was a victim of a shooting by a disgruntled contractor who was having a dispute with another worker. According to tonight’s story, she is now paralyzed from the neck down. I can’t even imagine what this past year has been like for her and it was so beautiful to see how RS lifted her spirits.

Also found on the Google search was Kathy’s Pinterest page called “All About Rick.” She obviously has excellent taste!

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