About that country twang

The reviews are coming in for “Rocket Science.” One from Real Gone isn’t too thrilled with the country twang, but says that “while the country elements are, at first, perhaps, a little disorienting, at least eight of the thirteen tracks are of a great standard with some pretty infectious hooks.” And on myglobalmind.com, the reviewer says he doesn’t hate it  and that “it’s actually pretty good even with the twang.” And on Uber Rock, the reviewer gave it a great review, calling it “Manna from Heaven for record label bosses; equally at home in the record collections of melodic rock obsessives, the car stereos of soccer moms, and the charts devoted to modern country pop rock.”

I’ve never been a big fan of country music, although I did watch a marathon of the show “Nashville” a few weekends ago and enjoyed the music so maybe either country music is changing or my musical tastes are expanding? In either case, I’m still trying to keep an open mind about “Rocket Science.”

But one thing for sure, I respect that RS is trying new sounds. He’s been making music for so many years and he’s certainly entitled to try different types of music. In fact, he has already tried quite a variety of sounds. How about a little “Hooky Joe”?

That’s a pretty different sound than this:

At his shows, RS plays blues songs and surf songs and even performs his “Working Class Dog” song “Inside Sylvia” on a smartphone with a guitar app. His talent spreads across all mediums. And what I’m most looking forward to is hearing his new songs and lyrics, even with a country twang. I hope that “Rocket Science” is extremely successful and maybe it will even lead to a performance at the country music awards show rather than him playing his guitar outside on the street.

And if I never get used to the country sound, then there’s always the hope that he’ll play acoustic versions of these new songs at future acoustic shows or rockier versions at his full-band shows when the band doesn’t want to schlep the violins, banjos and mandolins on the tour.


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