Totally random post

Right in the midst of all the Rocket Science excitement – a live stream concert this Friday, Nashville shows, CD signings and the big release on Feb. 19 – I just wanted to share one random thing that happened to me recently amidst all this RS haze that’s been on my mind this past year or so.

You can skip reading this post if you’re just looking for more Rocket Science info because it has nothing to do with it, this is more of a personal post.

OK, so here it is.

When my mother-in-law was visiting a few weeks ago, she wanted to watch a movie so I suggested “Ricki and the Flash.” Midway through, it was getting late so she said she’d watch the rest another time. Then she asked me if I related to Meryl Streep’s character at all. It led to a rather frustrating discussion (It’s too frustrating to get into again so you can read it on this post if you’re interested.)

In the end though, it all worked out, because I started writing a song about it called “Follow Your Dreams” and by the time I finished it a week or so ago, I had moved on.

The first few lines are:

Do you still follow your dreams
When they’re torn at the seams
If they’re falling apart
And breaking your heart?

On one of the RS Facebook fan pages, one RS fan has been doing these really fun surveys of different RS albums, where you can rank the songs in order of the songs you like from best to least and then afterward you can see the results of everyone’s votes. The really fun part for me is revisiting some of the albums that I’m not as familiar with. For instance, by the time “Rock of Life” came out, I was in college and at that point, I was into other things (and there was no Internet yet so it wasn’t even on my radar).

So when the “Rock of Life” survey came out earlier this week, I wanted to hear all the songs before I voted, so I listened to them online. And one song I don’t remember hearing before really struck me: “Hold on to your Dream.”

Here’s the chorus:

Stand up and hold on to your dream
Maybe this is your moment
Stand up and hold on to your dream
You know no one can take it
There is a path it’s always been yours
And you have the right of passage
Signed in blood and sealed in tears
Sending you a message
Across the miles and through the years
Stand up and be there
And hold on to your dream
With some faith and conviction
Some faith and conviction.

I know it sounds silly, but it kinda brought tears to my eyes. Especially these words:

Sending you a message
Across the miles and through the years
Stand up and be there
And hold on to your dream.

Across the miles – from Malibu to Phoenix? – and through the years – from 1988 to 2016?

Anyway, that’s it. I felt compelled to share, thanks for reading. And thank you 1988 RS, I needed to hear that message now.

I’m sure I’ll get back to “Rocket Science” with my next post. Meanwhile, here’s the song:

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