Live chat with Rick

Last night, RS did a live chat on Facebook where people could type in questions and he answered them. Between reading his book and watching/reading many interviews over the past couple years, I knew answers to many of the questions, but I did learn that he is super funny after a few drinks. (Those who have gone on his fan trips probably already knew that, but I haven’t been fortunate enough to go on one.)

More than 3,000 people joined the chat and it looked like there were more than 13,000 comments/questions of course he could only respond to a few. It would be fun to know what people were doing when they were participating in the chat. I had envisioned just sitting in front of my computer and engaging in the chat, but I should have known better. Two of my kids wanted to go on a bike ride/walk and I felt bad about saying, “No, let’s not go out and get some exercise in this beautiful weather, Rick Springfield is doing a live chat right now” so I went. With my phone, but it kept cutting out. However, I did get to watch the replay on his Facebook page, which was removed soon after.

How cool is it that he spent the time “chatting” with his fans? So cool.

What did I learn?

  1. He’s not thrilled about the attention he received about his collection of “Star Wars” toys.
  2. He hates math. (I TOTALLY relate to that – that was always my least favorite subject in school and later last night I had to help my third-grader with his math homework, which is a rather hellish experience as he also hates math (he even wrote a punk-rock sounding song called “I Hate Homework”) and they are teaching math totally differently than they did when I was a kid.) But I digress.
  3. He is really, really, really not interested in going back on “General Hospital,” (although I already knew that because he seems to be asked that question at every Stripped Down Q&A session – but this time he made it very clear so everyone PLEASE STOP ASKING THAT, it’s a wasted question!)
  4. It is not his dog Bindi barking at the beginning of “Miss Mayhem,” it is Matt Bissonette’s dog. Buddy.
  5. The boys on the cover of “Rocket Science” are not his kids when they were younger or him and his brother, but the chimpanzee is him.
  6. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear online.

Anyway, there was other funny stuff, but I can’t remember it now. It’s been RS overload these past few days (which isn’t a bad thing). Periscope videos (radio isn’t just audio anymore – now you can Periscope the radio interview), Kelly and Michael, Closing Bell, Face2Face on Fox News, Today show (AGAIN opening with “Jessie’s Girl,” like during his “Ricki and the Flash” visit). And there is more to come.

And more album reviews are coming, too, such as (first mention I’ve found of “Beautiful Inside”) and a fan review.

Another personal highlight of this week, that probably only a few of you will appreciate, but Doug Davidson liked one of my tweets this week! When I received the notification on my phone, I had to hold back from shouting that out to my co-workers. I texted my sister instead and she properly humored me.


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