Feb. 19

I checked Amazon Music just after midnight and saw that the rest of the songs were ready so of course I had to listen to all the songs at least once before going to bed. Here are my very brief first impressions.

First had to listen to “Beautiful Inside” because I haven’t heard much about it. Love it, such a beautiful song of encouragement.

Then in order of how they appeared on my Amazon Music list (which is not the order they are on the CD, but I’m too tired to move them all around in the right order, sorry):

“That One” – I’ve been singing it for the past few days after hearing it “live” (a video of RS playing it live) last weekend and it’s so so catchy and I really love it.

“Earth to Angel” – didn’t grab me on the first listen, but the lyrics are encouraging someone to stop taking life so seriously and start enjoying “the ride.” Strikes me as a similar message to “Light This Party Up.”

“The Best Damn Thing” – A beautiful song from RS to his wife. This will be a good song for a love line call-in radio show when a guy really messes up and wants to dedicate a song to his girl. (Do they still have those shows?)

“(I Wish I Had A) Concrete Heart”- A nice, catchy song.

“We Connect” – His lyrics are so beautiful, poetry put to music.

“Pay It Forward” – A nice positive message, made me want to stand up and dance.

“All Hands on Deck” – Makes sense that this has been described as a patriotic anthem, definitely a good description.

“Found” – A beautiful love song. Almost has a Beatles-y sound to it, like “Norwegian Wood.”

“Crowded Solitude” – Have I mentioned that I love his lyrics? An introverted rock star.

Miss Mayhem” – I’ve been listening to this song a lot this week, too, since its debut last weekend. Although the banjo in the beginning initially threw me off, that didn’t last long and it’s one of my favorites on this album. (Do you still call it an album when it’s a bunch of mp3s? I don’t know.)

Light This Party Up” – Hello old friend. (I’ve been hearing this song for months now). A great opening song for concerts and I envision this song in movies and beer commercials.

Down” – Another old friend that I listened to many, many times as I watched concert video clips trying to get the lyrics down. Great song!

Let Me In” – Another favorite. Wonderful song about the changes that can occur in a long-term relationship. Thank you to RS’s wife, Barbara, for being such a source of inspiration for so many great songs!

Listening to all the songs together, I don’t understand all the hoopla about “Rocket Science” being country. Some of the instruments are not traditional rock ‘n’ roll band instruments, but this doesn’t sound country to me. Some have a country twang, but this isn’t a country album. Of course I am not a musical expert – and therefore I didn’t focus too much on the musical aspects of the songs here, as there are experienced music reviewers who are doing a good job of that – I’m just writing as a fan.

I had tried to order the Best Buy exclusive version online, but I guess I waited too long because last week they were no longer available. I called a nearby Best Buy to see if they will have the exclusive version of the CD available. They had FOUR. Is that a normal amount to have on hand for the release of a highly anticipated album? (Maybe I’ve just spending too much time on RS Facebook fan pages, but won’t more than FOUR people be looking for this CD?) Fortunately the person who answered the phone offered to hold one at the customer service desk if I can get there when the store opens. So hopefully I’ll be able to hear “Walkin In” and “Mercy” later today.

Thanks, RS, and all those involved, for another great album and I wish you MUCH success.

(Yes, sometimes I pretend that they are actually reading this blog.)

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