IHeart80s concert

Tonight is the big IHeart80s concert in Los Angeles: Rick Springfield with Tears for Fears, Missing Persons, Billy Idol, Culture Club and Loverboy. Should be lots of fun! Although it has been sold out pretty much since tickets went on sale, you can hear it live tonight on iHeartRadio. (11 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. PT).

I would have really liked to have gone since I heart 80s music, but tickets sold out before I had a chance to coordinate the details in my head. But that’s OK because as of this morning, I already have tickets to my next RS concert – next month in the fifth row!  It’s a two-hour drive, but at least its within state lines so there are no hotel or airfare details to work out. (I would have liked to go to the Stripped Down  show in Palm Springs, which is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, on March 3 but the drive is too long so by the time you add on the hotel, it became too much of an indulgence.) But tickets are purchased for the next show – a full-band show – so all is good!

UPDATE: March 13: Found these videos on YouTube  from the IHeart80s concert (there are other videos, too, but from further away; here are a couple of the better ones.)


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