Press for ‘Rocket Science’

“Rocket Science” is SO good! It’s really great to finally hear the songs we have been waiting for since RS first announced more than a year ago that he was starting to work on a new CD.

It’s also fun to see/hear all the interviews on TV and radio these past few days to promote “Rocket Science.” (Check out for a nice collection of clips, as well as lyrics.)

Just like when “Ricki and the Flash” promotions were in full-swing, I occasionally get an email or text from friends to tell me that they saw Rick Springfield on… (FILL IN THE BLANK HERE).

Although I have caught up retroactively, I missed the press he did for “Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance,” “Venus in Overdrive” and “Songs for the End of the World” (sadly, I was completely unaware of them until mid-2014 when I became reacquainted with his work.) So it’s fun to follow it as it’s happening – and even watch it at the moment it is happening, whether it is a concert, a soundcheck or a CD signing, thanks to those generous fans who share the view via Periscope.

Since RS’s songs typically reflect what’s happening in his life, his songs reveal things about him that appear to be deeply personal. He addressed that in an interview this week on the Meredith Vieira Show, when he spoke about “Let Me In.

He has said before that his wife is a very private person and since she is his muse for many of his songs (“The Best Damn Thing” on the new album is also about her), I wonder if she has the same sense of excited anticipation as a fan does when he has a new album coming out or if her reaction is more of apprehension wondering what he’s going to reveal next. (When I first heard “Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance,” it was right after reading his autobiography “Late, Late at Night” and so I didn’t enjoy the songs at all because I kept thinking of his wife having to listen to them. Since then I have come to enjoy many of the songs, although I can still hear the pain in his voice when I listen to the CD.)

Many of the interviews he did when “Late, Late at Night” was released dealt with the revelation that he has suffered from depression for many years. It appears that his willingness to discuss it was very helpful to others who also experienced it.

In a society where many celebrities try to project the illusion that their lives are perfect, it’s rather refreshing when one is honest about their challenges and struggles. (Although sometimes RS is excessive in expressing his imperfections – his song “I Hate Myself” is an example.)

It’s much more beneficial for humankind when people are honest about who they are because that opens up the opportunity to connect and help one another.

I guess it’s all about finding that right balance – a willingness to open up and reveal things about yourself that can lead to a true connection with others and yet keep certain things private to protect yourself and your family. (Certain reality shows are examples of what divulging too much can lead to.)



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