The next show is a month from today

The next RS show I have tickets to is a month from tonight. It will be my 11th RS concert (my fifth since March 2015, there was a 15-year hiatus before that). I rarely watch movies more than once (“The Wizard of Oz” and “Grease” being among the exceptions) or read books more than once, but when it comes to RS, I just can’t seem to resist attempting to get there if it’s somewhat financially in reach. I’ve gone to Vegas for shows, but beyond that I’ve stayed within state lines.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m not alone in my countdown-to-a-show mentality. But thinking about that got me to thinking about how different it must be for the person on the other end – in this case, RS. Since he does so many shows a year, is each one just another “day at the office” for him?

Does it become routine to wake up, go the airport, hope to avoid the TMZ crew, go through the TSA checkpoint, perhaps sign a few autographs or snap a couple pictures with those who recognize him/are brave enough to approach him, fly across the country, do a radio interview, do the soundcheck, sign autographs/take photos, hear words of adoration from women unable to speak in complete sentences around him (or was that just me?), do the show, do the meet and greet, sign more autographs/take more photos, hear more words of adoration from incoherent fans (I think I mumbled something, but not sure what) have a drink/late-night dinner, go to sleep, and the next day do it all again?

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