All Hands on Deck

Out of all the songs on “Rocket Science,” “All Hands on Deck” has taken me the longest time to get used to. I admit that although I loved the patriotic message, I typically skipped over it when listening to the CD. (OK, it’s only been one week since I’ve had the CD so it really hasn’t been that long.)

HOWEVER, somebody recently made a beautiful lyric video of the song with incredible images, and now I hear it differently. Maybe it’s because I’m part of the MTV generation – when MTV used to play music videos – and susceptible to the power that videos can have to influence the opinion of a song, but the video changed my whole feeling about the song. Kudos to whoever put this together.

Here’s the video, go ahead and sing along:

“From the mountains to the fertile plains
With the pulse of lighting in our veins
Hallelujah strike the band in hopes
we will survive this shipwreck
Call all hands on deck.”


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