Sahuarita show

A few hours ago, I got home from Tucson, where my husband and I went to see last night’s show in Sahuarita’s Desert Diamond Casino. Before I heard about this concert, I never knew that Arizona had a town called Sahuarita, but I was glad to be there.

This concert was my fifth since last March and each show has had its own highlights.

A brief recap:

March 7: San Tan Valley, Arizona: Got to briefly meet RS after the show and get a picture with him (and give him a note with this blog address – still don’t know if he actually read it). I went with a friend I’ve known since junior high and we went to his concerts together in the ’80s and ’90s.

April 9: Stripped Down show in Tucson with my husband. Briefly met him afterward (after waiting outside the theater, much to my husband’s chagrin) and got a photo with him.

Oct. 21: Arizona State Fair – went with my husband and my two older sons, who got to sing “Don’t Talk to Strangers” with him.

Oct. 25:  Vegas show with my cousin, met some of the “Rick Chicks.” It was her first RS show.

And here are some highlights from this weekend’s show.

The overall highlight was that it was the first child-free trip with my husband since we’ve had kids and it was great to spend the time together. Before heading to Tucson, yesterday was spent packing bags and dropping each child off (and our dog) at different friends’ houses. (Very gracious friends, I might add – each of the kids had a great time and I’m guessing our dog did, too, because there is a spacious backyard.)

After checking into our hotel and parking the car, we walked back into the lobby to bring our luggage to our room before grabbing a bite to eat. There in the lobby, I saw Jorge (the drummer) on the phone and then saw the rest of the band – and RS – at  the check-in counter. I guess I stared too long because Jorge kindly gave me a little wave so I waved back. RS’s back was to me but I saw the other band members. Inside I was screaming, but I contained it and waited until we went around the corner to do a little happy dance and started babbling to my husband, “He’s staying at this hotel! He’s in the lobby!” and so on. It didn’t seem like an appropriate time to approach him and what would I say anyway? But he was staying in the same hotel as we were!

As we got to the elevator, I noticed Siggy (the bassist) walking our way and we rode up in the elevator with him.  We chatted with him during the brief elevator ride and saw him later that night walking in the hotel hallway after the show and later this morning outside the lobby as we were leaving. He was really nice each time we spoke with him and seems like a cool guy.

Then we headed to the casino’s buffet (the nicer restaurant at the casino was reservations-only) so we ate and then on to the show.

Our seats were in the fifth row and before it started, we started talking to a really nice couple next to us. It turned out that the husband went to the same Phoenix high school, though years apart, as my husband.

(Quick shift to a weird fan observation. In “Late, Late at Night,” RS mentions that he once lived on Maryland Avenue in Glendale and it caught my attention because I pass a Maryland Avenue and a Glendale Avenue on my way to work each day. So this guy sitting next to us said that when he lived in Phoenix, he lived on our street between Maryland and Glendale avenues. Of course I didn’t share my little observation last night, but I thought that was funny.)

Anyway, back to the show.

After the show started (there was no opening band), many people went up to the stage and my husband encouraged me to join them. So I did and it was so fun to have such a great view of everything.

20160326_201130 (2)

Despite my previous post about not Periscoping during the concert, how could I not now that I was so close?! So I tried again and it happened to be during “I Get Excited” again. It still didn’t record a clear video, but because I was closer, it was better. After the first video, though, I had trouble connecting so that was only one I did. I took other videos, too, but they didn’t come out very well so they’re more for sentimental reasons than to share (but maybe I’ll make a mini-video recap again since I got some of the songs from “Rocket Science.” He played “Light This Party Up,” “Down,” “That One” and “Miss Mayhem.”)

I found out later that the first guitar pic that RS threw out into the audience made it over to our seats and bounced off my husband’s forehead onto the floor. He rescued it and saved it for me.

After a few songs, the security guard came over and told everyone to go back to their seat. After RS basically gave the OK for people to come back to the stage, I returned. My view wasn’t as good as it was before being sent back to my seat, but was still great to be so close.

During “Human Touch,” he walked right by where I was, but I couldn’t get my camera to work and I didn’t actually get any human touch. My husband was nowhere to be seen so he didn’t capture any of it either. (I found out later that he was out for a bathroom break. That serves me right, I guess, for leaving him  alone back at our seats for most of the show.)

Anyway, it was a great show. It was a small venue  – RS said during the show that it was the smallest stage they have performed on and that he and Siggy keep running into each other (my husband said he heard Jorge tell RS not to sweat on his drum set.) The crowd was civil, no pushing/crowding near the stage or anything like that. One new thing the band did was cover Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” which seemed to get a good reaction from the crowd. He prefaced it by saying it’s for the younger ones in the audience. I couldn’t help thinking of the scene in “Ricki and the Flash” where the band broke into Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” I like the song so I thought it was fun to see/hear and thought the message suited him well. After the song ended, I thought I heard someone – I think it was one of the band members – say “Yes, that just happened.”

After the show, we drove back to the hotel and during our search to find a place to get food and drinks, we saw Siggy then Tim (keyboardist/guitarist) walking through the hotel (I wished Tim a happy birthday though he probably thought it was strange that some random person walking through the hotel knew it was his birthday. But then again, he’s probably used that sort of thing when it comes to RS fans.) And when I was in the restroom, my husband saw George (guitarist), too.

We had a drink in the casino/hotel (with me keeping an eye out for RS), and then headed back to our room around 11:30 p.m. Apparently we just missed him, as a couple people tweeted that they met him at the hotel around that time.

In the morning, we went to the fitness center to work out and I listened to the RS “Workout Songs” playlist on Spotify. It just seemed like the appropriate music to listen to!

We saw most of the band in the lobby as we were leaving this morning and I wanted to head back to see if RS would show up, but my husband reminded me that we needed to get back to Phoenix to pick up our kids. (Plus he finds the whole stalking thing creepy.)

Before leaving Tucson, we stopped for breakfast at this cool little restaurant called Sunny Daze and then headed back to Phoenix – and back to reality.


More pics from the show:













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