In the lobby

I saw you in the lobby
But I didn’t say hello
I figured you were tired
And I’m not someone you know

But for a single moment
We were breathing the same air
I snapped a picture in my mind
So I still see you standing there

I saw you in the lobby
But continued walking by
Your back was toward me
So I couldn’t catch your eye

Opportunity presented
In a flash it disappeared
A one-sided memory
Of a moment that we shared.


Hmm, crushes.

(See previous post for context.)

OK, I am a dork.

Update (April 4): I tried putting the lyrics to music. It’s not quite how I would like the guitar to sound, but it’s the melody. (In my mind, it sounds more like an Amy Winehouse song, although it obviously didn’t come out that way.) And here is a pic of the lobby. RS was standing at the left of the check-in counter and I walked by there on the left.

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