Now this looks fun

Five days of Rick Springfield in the Bahamas?! How great is that? And a Beatles tribute band, and Doug Davidson and Terri Nunn (my husband is a fan, so something for him).

Sounds so fun!

Unless a miracle happens, like I sell the screenplay or novel I haven’t written yet or something else wonderful (I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to be able to afford it), I will have to enjoy it vicariously, like the last one. 

(Funny side note noticed by the hopeful part of me that tries to find signs in things – my 7-year-old son, who sang with RS at a concert last fall, had to give a report today on a song from a movie. He chose “Star Wars,” which is used in this Bahamas trip video that was released today. That has to mean something,  right? Right? Hello? OK, never mind.)

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