Raffle for Ruben

Ruben Valesco, Rick Springfield’s guitar tech, was diagnosed with  Stage 4 cancer in 2014 and is still fighting the battle. A “Rockin for Ruben” benefit concert was held at Hollywood’s House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in August of that year and when I saw him on stage at a concert sometime last year, I hoped he had won the battle. Sadly, it was recently announced that his battle continues.

Rick Springfield and team is helping raise funds for Ruben’s medical care via crowdfunding. Find donation information, as well as updates on Ruben, here.

But that’s not all. RS’s amazing fans have also planned a fundraiser in support of Ruben.

“Still Rockin’ for Ruben,” a raffle planned by We Love Rick Springfield and the Rick and the NEWSflash Facebook Group, will run through July 1. For every $5 in donations, you will receive one raffle ticket number and raffle tickets can also be earned by donating platelets to your local Red Cross. Prizes are being donated by Rick Springfield fans and friends.

For a list of prizes and rules, visit the We Love Rick Springfield website.

Ruben, wishing you strength to fight this battle and hope to see you at a future show!


My condolences to RS, the rest of the band, and all of Ruben’s friends and family. May he rest in peace.

According to the Youcaring page, the donations made will be used to help his family pay for medical bills and funeral costs and the fan raffle is now a memorial fund.

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