The devil is in the details

Supernatural article TD (2)

The above article was posted yesterday about Rick Springfield’s upcoming role on “Supernatural.” The writing is fine, but there was one important thing missing: A caption to describe the photo. One line that says “Rick Springfield played a creepy doctor on ‘True Detective’ in 2015” or something to that effect. There is a photo credit at the end of the story that notes that the photo is courtesy of HBO, but I’m guessing few will make the connection that, “Wow, Rick Springfield looks horrible in this photo, what happened to him? Oh, the photo is courtesy of HBO so that must mean that he was in character in that photo.”

Sadly, people don’t often read the whole story, they just see the picture and make assumptions. And unfortunately, now that the Internet has made everyone a reporter, people assume those assumptions are true and over time they are transformed into “facts.” I’ve already seen some not very nice comments about the photo that shows that people assume that this is a current photo of RS rather than a look that took professional makeup artists a great amount of time to create.

I know this Rick Springfield advocacy may seem silly – because aren’t there more important things going on in the world? – but it’s really about the big picture (no pun intended). Misinformation is spread daily online and then people act upon this misinformation, and it often turns hateful and ugly.

There’s a saying that “the devil is in the details” and, in light of RS’s new role in “Supernatural,” it seems appropriate to include that message here.

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