Happy 67th, Rick Springfield!

Although the celebrations started weeks ago, the big day is finally here – Rick Springfield’s birthday! Happy 67th birthday, RS!

It’s incredible how one person can inspire so many people. Not only through the music created and shared, but by following their passion and persevering through difficult times.

RS has shared so much of his life with the world, through his songs and memoir and during interviews. For some fans, his music has gotten them through difficult times and for others his concerts provide a nostalgic way to reconnect with their inner teen. Some fans have a two-way connection with him, from attending his shows and fan getaways for years and sharing their life stories during meet-and-greets – he might even recognize them and know them by name.  For many, like me, this connection is mainly in their head – any actual encounters are very brief (like maybe a photo and a word or two) and he doesn’t know anything about them. But either way, lives are changed for the better  because of the connection he’s made with them simply by living his life.

It’s a special person who can inspire others by the life they live. Perhaps there are times when he didn’t make the best choices – as he detailed in his memoir – but life offers many opportunities to change and grow and by sharing his life’s highs and lows in “Late, Late at Night” and being honest about his struggles, it gives hope to many people that they, too, can get through their own struggles. And despite what he’s expressed about how he’s felt about himself through the years, I think he seems like a really good, kind person. Lots of people put out good music, but it’s really the person behind the music that makes RS one-of-a-kind.

(Also a special shout-out to his wife, Barbara, because it takes a special person to let their loved one pursue their dreams so wholeheartedly and she appears to be an incredible support to him through the years. And to put up with all of us fans, wow.)

For me personally, RS has been an incredible muse, inspiring me to start writing songs again after a 10-year hiatus, something that gives me much joy. And now my 10-year-old has recently started writing songs so the inspiration carries through to another generation.

Happy birthday, RS – thanks for your all your music, your humor, your inspiration. May you have a very happy birthday and know that the 67 years of your presence here on Earth so far has meant a great deal to so many people.

2 thoughts on “Happy 67th, Rick Springfield!

  1. Great post! I think his story proves that you don’t have to be perfect to have a positive impact on others. You just have to be yourself, share your gifts and own your journey. Happy creating with your songwriting!


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