Wishful thinking 

I just finished helping one of my kids with his math homework and was relaxing on the couch going through the mail when I noticed the above ad in the Costco mailer.

Of course it caught my attention right away because I recognized the building from the Rick Springfield Bahamas fan getaway promotions. I glanced at the dates: Nov. 10-14 (the dates of the fan getaway) are included.

This four-night package – starting at $589 per person would work quite well with the getaway dates, I thought, and look, kids under 11 stay and play free! That’s perfect, because I got three of those.

What a great family vacation, I thought! Even though it wouldn’t include all the cool getaway concerts and activities, I would at least be in the proximity and might hear some of the concerts or even run into RS at the buffet at some point!

I wondered if I could talk my husband into it, because  that’s a pretty cool trip for under $1,200.

My excitement lasted for about two minutes, until it occurred to me that the price didn’t include airfare and we would still need to get the five of us there. And that would increase the price tag by a few thousand dollars.

But it was fun while it lasted.

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