The last laugh

As I was perusing the photos and videos posted from the Rick Springfield fan getaway trip in the Bahamas, I found myself thinking of little Ricky Springthorpe feeling so despondent in his younger years.

RS has written and talked about his struggles with depression and about how he’s felt like a failure when depression hits. I thought about how he probably felt like he wasn’t living up to what people expected of him as a child because he wasn’t successful in school and scholastic achievement is typically how adults measure success in children.

When he was struggling in school and getting reprimanded for spending so much time on music, if only he could have known that decades later he’d be at a resort in the Bahamas with hundreds of women spending thousands of dollars to spend a few days with him and listen to him perform music in a variety of ways – with his band, in an acoustic set on the beach, in a piano bar and in a Beatles tribute band. Hundreds of people singing and dancing along to songs that he wrote. Songs that wouldn’t exist if he would have let those naysayers get to him. These fans also paid hundreds more for some extra time with him – swimming with dolphins or visiting his hotel suite for an intimate musical gathering (with a group of other adoring fans).

That reality probably never crossed his mind. (Or maybe it did, he has quite an imagination…) So there, all you people who gave him a hard time when he was young – the last laugh is on you.

So if anybody reading this is feeling discouraged in their current situation, just remember that there’s always the possibility that things will take a turn in a better direction. And may you experience whatever the equivalent of the resort-beach-Beatles tribute band dream is for you.

#HappyThanksgiving #Donotletothersgetyoudown #Followyourdreams

 Here are some great videos I came across from the fan trip:

“That One,” off of his newest album “Rocket Science,” at the welcome concert: 

At the piano bar singing the classics; here’s one by the King of Rock n’ Roll:

“Something” during the Beatles tribute show:

“Written in Rock,” from the 1985 album “Tao,” at the beach party:

One of the new cover songs he’s added to the set list, “Foxy Lady” at the farewell concert:


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